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What is Your Inspiration?

Inspiration is something that is so important in life. Not only with forms of art, but with your everyday thoughts and decisions. What sorts of things inspire you to wake up every morning and push to achieve your goals? I've been asking myself this question for a long time, and it took me a while before I figured out the sorts of things that ACTUALLY inspire me on a daily basis. Of course I thought that I had a good idea, you know the classic ones like wanting to make enough money to support myself and a family, etc. Now I'm not saying that that is not something that can be inspirational, because it totally can and I know that it does give...

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This is what its all about

One thing that is difficult for any artist, is exposure, getting your name out there, being noticed. Even in this day and age with all sorts of different forms of social media for one to plaster their work all over the internet for millions to see. But it can be so hard to get people to notice what you have created when there is so much out there for them to sift through. I for one know how defeating it can feel when you put your whole heart into something, only to see your hard work go unnoticed or just plain not seen by people. Recently, I've discovered something interesting... There are a lot of other people out there, just like me, that...

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